What's in a blue jean, baby queen?

What's in a blue jean, baby queen?

When we set out this year to find a denim brand to carry in our store, we wanted to try and find a brand that aligned with most of the other products we carry. So, yes! I have tried them and own a pair; AND I love them.

KUT from the Kloth is an LA based denim brand born in 2006 by a family run company with over 40 years of fashion industry experience. This denim brand delivers and its COMING SOON to our boutique!

These jeans have a bias cut waistband and the waistband is also slightly higher in the back which creates more comfort. Quality fabric and fibers help retain the shape of each pair. They offer inclusive sizing, with a wide range of sizes from 00 to 16 for every women's shape.

The ECO-WASHED version has a reduction or recycling of water used in the dying and washing process, recyclable water effluent requires less energy consumption, and bleach is an alternative to ozone washing. Harnessed natural bleaching capabilities of ozone gas gives a range of specialty bleached effects with substantially reduced environmental impact.

The REPREIVE jeans use green soda bottles, clear water bottles and black food trays that are broken down into tiny pellets and spun into polyester fibers to create the denim fabric.

Now that's something we can get used to. Whats important to you in a jean, besides YOU - the person in them?


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