About Us

Welcome! I am happy you stopped by to get to know us a little better.

My name is Jenni Young, and I created this little boutique out of a love for fashion and a vibrant lifestyle. Pineapple was a nickname my husband and I came up with many moons ago for our daughter, and Jane is her middle name! Pineapple Jane is funny, smart, kind and a little sassy. Just like this brand!

My goal is to offer you carefully curated products and items that I myself have loved for years; items that when worn will illicit the question, “Hey! Where did you find that…”?  I also carry new to me brands that are bringing forth unique product offerings, ones that I hope will add to your life in an impactful way, items that bring joy because of their simplicity of use, a vibrancy of colour on a dull day, or a texture that reminds us of days spent in salty seas and people laughing off in the distance.

jenni young

It’s not just about the products …it’s about how we feel when we utilize them. Like the Wanakome hoodies, that remind me of nights I’ve spent on the lake bundled up in that big collar, snuggled in close with our family (now of four!) on a cool Canadian night. Our brand and the items I choose to carry remind me of a life lived, of happy times, of great people and amazing adventures.  Hopefully you will look to Pineapple Jane to help pick those products and gifts that add to your life, products tested and enjoyed by real people, their family and their friends.

Life is short. Chase the sunshine, be the sunshine. Hold loved ones close, make the memories, follow your dreams and straighten your crown, should you get knocked from time to time…

Thanks for choosing our shop. I hope you stay awhile. I know you will return again.